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Dark Rea

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Short Description
– Based on Dark Sprint indicator
– Very customizable
– Better brokers: Roboforex

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Dark Rea is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Impulse Trading.

Dark Rea is based on Dark Sprint indicator, these Trades can be manage with some strategies.

My tests were performed with the real tick date with 99,90% accuracy, actual spread, additional slippage and High commission.

Optimization experience is required to Download the robot.

in fact I recommend that you carefully study all the functions and then create your own customized settings on your favorite financial instruments

All the settings are external, so that everyone can set the robot as they wish.

The basic strategy starts with Market order in trend following, but you can change it, in others strategies counter trend.

Our installation Guide – Update Guide – All my products – Troubleshooting guide



  • The Recommended Timeframe depends on your settings, but you can use M15, H1, H4 and all others timeframes with the appropriate settings.
  • The Expert can go on EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURCHF and USDJPY, but also in others, with the appropriate settings.
  • An Ecn broker is always recommended
  • A low latency vps is always recommended.
  • The recommended Leverage and deposit depends on settings.
  • Understand how the EA works by reading the offline user manual and with some example settings




Dark Rea Settings

  • Magic Number: ID number of the orders.
  • Max Spread: maximum spread to trade.

Indicators Settings

Dark Sprint Indicator

  • Dark Sprint Strategies: Select the strategy to follow
  • Moment of the Signal: Decide whether the signal will be executed on the current bar or on the close of the previous bar
  • Dark Sprint Period: Periods of Dark Sprint Indicator
  • Dark Sprint Multiplier: Multiplier for Dark Sprint indicator
  • Dark Sprint Impulse Leght: Number of bars for dark sprint impulse
  • Dark Sprint Timeframe: Timeframe to apply dark sprint indicator

Money Management Settings

  • Lots: number of lots if the money management option is disabled.
  • Money Management: if true enables the money management option.
  • Risk Percent: if the money management option is enabled, it indicates the risk percentage.

Trading Hour

  • Enable Time Filter: if true enables the time filter
  • Trading Start Hour: operating start Hour
  • Trading Start Minute: operating start minutes
  • Trading Stop Hours: operating end Hour
  • Trading Stop Minute: operating end minutes
  • Close Out of hours: close all orders at the end of the timetable.

Trading Days

  • Monday: if true, Trading on this Day is allowed.
  • Tuesday: if true, Trading on this Day is allowed.
  • Wednesday: if true, Trading on this Day is allowed.
  • Thursday: if true, Trading on this Day is allowed.
  • Friday: if true, Trading on this Day is allowed.
  • Saturday: if true, Trading on this Day is allowed.
  • Sunday: if true, Trading on this Day is allowed.

Trading Directions

  • Allow Buy: if true, Ea can trade with buy orders.
  • Allow Sell: if true, Ea can trade with sell orders.
  • Allow Buy and Sell at the same time: Allow buy and sell orders at the same time
  • Allow Order From Others Charts, At Same Time: if true, allow orders from others charts (If the EA then is positioned on other pairs, for example)
Trading Settings
  • Max Buy Orders: Max Number of buy orders at the same time
  • Max Sell Orders: Max Number of sell orders at the same time
  • One Trade Bar: if true, robot can open only one trade for bar.
  • Do Not Open Orders if there is Closed Order On Current Bar
  • Orders Timeframe: Timeframes for the orders (related to One Trade Bar and DoNotOpenOrders…)


For other questions, set files or support for this EA, we have a Telegram Group

MT4, MT5

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    Excellent product I recommend to try also Dark Moon

  2. Kaden (verified owner)

    The best metatrader tool Ive used

  3. Ronnie (verified owner)

    You guys rock! Its all good. Product has completely surpassed our expectations

  4. King (verified owner)

    Its Work superb Very Profitable now try to real account

  5. Kaden (verified owner)

    Its the perfect solution for our business

  6. Ryan (verified owner)


  7. Kosisochukwu Anyaegbu (verified owner)

    Good quality. Is this EA only for Demo Accounts? I ask because having used this EA on demo account and satisfied, I tried to apply it on Live account, It refused asking I get it activated for live trading. I need more explanations.

  8. Jackson (verified owner)

    Product is worth much more than I paid

  9. Jovan (verified owner)

    The best metatrader tool Ive used

  10. Dylan (verified owner)

    The service was excellent. I dont know what else to say. Dark product was worth a fortune to my company

  11. Richard (verified owner)

    Good product, I thanks the developer !! But I nee on how to set completely

  12. Ricky (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  13. Jesse (verified owner)

    All ok for now

  14. Alan (verified owner)

    Just downloaded it but i believe it works good

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