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1. Log-in your MQL5 Account on Your Metatrader Platform (You need to download CORRECTLY to be able to review)
Example Image:  Login On Platform
2. Click on Market
Example Image: Go To Market
3. Search product Name
Example Image: Search Product Name
4. Open product and Please click Download
Example Image: Click Download
5. Log-in your MQL5 Account on (You need to log-in to be able to review)
6. Please go to a product page from the list below:
Product Pages:
7. Click the “Reviews” Tab
Example Image: Click Review Tab
8. Please Click “Add Review” Button found on the top right corner
Example Image: Click Add Review Button
9. Rating and Message Box will appear

  • Please click the stars
  • You can type your message (this is optional)
  • Click “Add review” to publish

Example Image: Review Example

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1. Log into your MQL5 account

2. Contact a Friend in the Market

3. Recommends that download my free product

4. Capture a screenshot of the successful contact

After making the screenshots, click on the button in the attachment -> attach the screenshot during check-out or send it to our email address

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If you don’t want to use any of the 2 methods, for any reason, ask us for method #3

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